County fairs have been a part of Owen County heritage for over 150 years. The basic theme of the county fair remains the same—Education, Entertainment, and  Fellowship. The county fair seeks to spotlight the efforts of individuals, groups, and businesses in a way that promotes community pride.


A county fair requires the combined efforts from all parts of the county and thanks is offered to each person, group, or business that makes the annual fair possible. Nowhere in our community does the value of volunteer service shine more brightly than in the annual fair. The volunteer efforts of so many are essential for the continued existence of the fair. Special thanks are offered for the continued support of governmental units such as the County Commissioners and County Council as they continue to recognize the value of the fair to the total community.

The Fair Board of Directors and Officers seek to deserve the faith of the community in putting together the annual fair. Input in the form of advice, services, and ideas is always needed to adequately reflect the needs of our community.

Please plan to make the Owen County Fair an important part of your year. Whether as a worker, exhibitors, or visitor (or preferably all three) an open invitation is extended to be an active part.